[icecast] streaming both mp3 and ogg

Rakotomandimby Mihamina mrakotom at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 20 12:56:44 UTC 2002

hi all I use ices0.2.3/icecast1.3.12 on a linux box.
I stream mp3 .
I would like to make my listeners to discover ogg .
My tracks are all in mp3 format.
i reencode from 128/96 kbs and 44100Hz => 16kbs and 11kHz ( mp3 )
Is it possible , ( if yes tell me how ) to feed icecast with both mp3
and ogg stream , at different mount points  .

how to configure ices to play ogg ? i know i'll have to run 2 different
ices so how to manage ? by indicating in the command line the conf_file
to read for each launched ices ?

As well as my tracks are mp3 , is it necesary to have the same track
both in mp3 AND ogg ???? or is it possible to encode to ogg on the fly
and feed icecast ?

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