[icecast] icecast2/ices2 , 7o minutes and crash

Adon Irani adon at YorkU.CA
Thu Dec 12 20:57:19 UTC 2002

> >
> > w/ 2.2 .. but i'll go back to 2.4 now .
> 2.4 is fine, I'm running on the RH8 kernel here, which is 2.4.18 plus

running 2.4.20 now /. new alsa drivers installed ( using the debian
unstable , i figured this was recent enough ..instead of breaking dpkg ).

> Not running X means that the graphics side won't be the cause (can be
> awkward). I would suspect heating for the moment, I had similar problems
> some time ago and problems such as not burning CDs correctly until a put
> a fan in.   Another key thing to check is memory, there's a util
> memcheck86 (IIRC) to do this, but building a large optimised program
> like the kernel with -j N can be quite good as well (make N something
> like 4).

wow . you were right on ..  i installed a new fan last night . i've been
running icecast2/ices2 for half-a-day already _ more than 10x longer than
my 7o min runs .

and i think my er .. m, right .. my memory is fine /  -j4 worked and was
speEdy .. but i was unable to track down memcheck86 ;  best tip i have is
to look at the linux distributions ,but i haven't yet .

<p>many thanks Karl .


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