[icecast] IceS 2.0a - Extended sleep requested

SwiftBiscuit swiftbiscuit at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 2 12:09:05 UTC 2002

Thanks for offering to help, Karl.
Config - I thought my email was long even without the
config files so I didn't include them! They are normal
random playlist configs. What aspects are you looking
CPU - vmstat 1 gives consistant CPU readings of around
2,1,97 for us,sy,id respectively when no one is
listening to the streams. There's hardly any change
when a client starts listening.

I've taken a quick look at the code and seen the point
where the log entry is written, I was hoping that
someone with better (ie some) knowledge of the code
would point me to the problem area rather than me
having to wade through it all myself.

I have made unusual encode settings, but it still used
a standard oggenc build. I've listened to the streams
with both xmplay and winamp now to see if the stream
dropping was a winamp only issue and found that xmplay
also drops the 25kbs one, but not at the same point
that winamp does. The server also doesn't warn it
booted the client so I'm guessing buffer issues for
the stream problem.

What the "extended sleep" thing is beats me at the
moment though. It's a 22050khz encode, but there is
another one with out the sleep issues. I now have a
log file of 11MB after a day and a bit, it's not

Thanks again for trying to help me out,

--- Karl Heyes <karl at pts.tele2.co.uk> helpfully wrote:
> Notice how the ms count increases. What's the config
> like and is you CPU swamped. use vmstat 1 to see CPU
> usage.
> karl.

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