[icecast] Another problem...

Mark Casey mccasey at clara.co.uk
Mon Aug 26 23:10:41 UTC 2002

Okay, now..

I've got it compiled and running (thanks by the way to Moritz and Akos).

Using WinAMP 2.81 and the latest build of oddcastDSP i've got it streaming
happilly to the server with the server happilly accepting the stream.
Now, however whenever anybody tries connecting to the server it
automatically kicks them off ie..

-> [26/Aug/2002:23:56:43] Accepted client 4 from [123.abc.co.uk] on
mountpoint [/q0.ogg]. 1 clients connected
-> [26/Aug/2002:23:56:45] Kicking client 4 [123.abc.co.uk] [Client signed
off] [listener], connected for 3 seconds, 16359 bytes transfered. 0 clients

By my understanding shouldn't the acl settings I have accept all clients?
(acl below)

acl_policy 0
allow client *
allow source *
allow admin *.claranet.co.uk

And next...  when i try connecting to http://hostname:9100/admin  (i run it
on port 9100/9101 on the shell) I get in the web browser:

403 Forbidden
You don't have access to this entity (stream or file).

And in the log file...

[26/Aug/2002:23:54:32] [6:Connection Handler] No mountfile found, refusing
access to WWW admin for adsl-solo-40-42.claranet.co.uk
[26/Aug/2002:23:54:32] [6:Connection Handler] Kicking unknown 2
[adsl-solo-40-42.claranet.co.uk] [No mountfile found], connected for 0

I did try http_admin 1 in the icecast.conf file but to no avail.
For the mount file reference that it makes do i need to point it to the
admin.html file or something?

And a question of curiousity, where is Icecast2?
There is a win32 version of Icecast2 around that i've gotten that working no
probs, infact i'd love to have a go at using Icecast2 on this shell since
i'm much more familiar with setting up Icecast2 than I am with Icecast 1..
where is the source on the icecast site so i can compile it and get it



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