[icecast] Sample rate won't stay on setuped rate

Roland Häder quixy_man at gmx.net
Fri Aug 23 17:36:35 UTC 2002


I'm new here and I downloaded, configured and compiled icecast and ices.

The source got connected and streamed MP3s to the icecast-server.

Now I have some probs here:

1.) The sample rate setuped by command line options does always change.
Here's the full term:
ices -r -H 22050 -N 1 -R -d Test-Server -g Mixed -n Test-Stream -s -v -F
/root/MP3-Playlists/BestOf-New_Cool.lst -p 10000 -m /mp3 -h
I need this slow rate! The ices proccess changes back to
44.1kHz/16-Bit/Stereo after two or three songs. And it never changes back to

2.) Where's ices' config file located? And can I edit it with cooledit?

3.) When I try to connect to my internal IP with WinAMP
is ok. But when I connect over my external IP the icecast-server accepted
the connection (so the firewall isn't blocking the incoming connection) but
it kicked it again.

What's wrong? The firewall cannot be the reason, because Port 10000/TCP is
opened for my IP. Or which Ports do I need else?

  Roland Haeder

ICQ: 880296

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