[icecast] Compiling icecast2 under OpenBSD 3.1

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Wed Apr 24 16:04:16 PDT 2002


<p>Finally, I succeeded in compiling Icecast2 under OpenBSD. It neither
worked for me on OBSD 3.0 nor my old 2.8, but the new 3.1 appears to
come with more icecast-friendly (p)threads.

OpenBSD 3.1 isn't officially released, yet, but installing a current
snapshot and getting the sources via CVS (module OPENBSD_3_1_BASE,
patient people also can already upgrade from scratch only with the
sources) worked for me.

Compiling libshout failed because src/mp3.c included <stdint.h> which
appears to be missing on OBSD3.1. Using a friend's stdint.h and seeing
it fail again showed that machine/types.h equals stdint.h here. `ln -s
/usr/include/machine/types.h /usr/include/stdint.h` fixed that. I have
no clue why stdint.h wasn't there in the first place - either this is a
bug in my snapshot or it's some competing GNU vs BSD philosophies or

The final linking of icecast2 failed with "ld: -lpthread: no match".
Making it use -pthread instead fixed it. This problem could be avoided
by autogen.sh/configure checking this, just like it does for the
ogg/vorbis libraries. Happy Ogg streaming through OpenBSD servers! :)

Some comments about ices2:

It is currently impossible to compile it under *BSD, at least afaik.
src/im_sun.c includes stropts.h, which doesn't come with OpenBSD. After
feeding one .h file after another from a linux box, it finally wanted
gnu/stubs.h. There will never be GNU stuff in *BSD, so that must be
solved differently.

I found that it needs it at least in line 211 while doing `ioctl(s->fd,
I_FLUSH, FLUSHR);' which means that at least I_FLUSH and FLUSHR need to
be defined seperately (or maybe you know what the *BSD equivalent to
stropts.h is?). I didn't get any further information out of my
experiments, so there might be more problems waiting.


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