[icecast] admin console problem on FreeBSD

Jacek Jedrzejczak jacol at ids.gda.pl
Fri Apr 12 14:58:00 PDT 2002


There is a problem with icecast-1.3.12 on FreeBSD, here's what happens:

test> tar -zxvf icecast-1.3.12.tar.gz
test> cd icecast-1.3.12/
test> ./configure; make
test> cd conf
test> vi icecast.conf.dist
console_mode 3
test> ../src/icecast -c icecast.conf.dist

test> telnet localhost 8000
ADMIN hackme

-> quit
Uh, ok, bye!
Connection closed by foreign host.

test> telnet localhost 8000
ADMIN hackme

... and it done ! No other sources or admins can connect. No further
authorization is possible.

I believe it's a problem with threads.


P.S. This problem doesn't exist on Linux (checked on slack 8.1 running
kernel 2.4.17).

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