[icecast] Aliases and re-encoding

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Thu Apr 11 16:40:39 PDT 2002

At 08:42 PM 4/11/02 +0100, you wrote:
>I only just joined this list, I did search the archives for relevant
>stuff, but didn't find anything.  Sorry if I ask some FAQs.
>I have a couple of questions now that I have got icecast/ices/libshout
>and relevant libraries all installed and running...
>i)	Is there anywhere that all the XML tags in the config files are
>	specified?  Or are all of them contained in the samples?

I think they're all in the examples at the moment. Full documentation
will follow at some point.

>ii)	The aliases feature that is in v1.  Is that available in v2?  I
>	want to basically proxy an incoming Ogg stream to people on my
>	network to save external bandwidth usage.  if using an icecast
>	server here isn't the best idea - please suggest alternatives.

Not in version 2 yet. I don't know of any alternatives at the moment.

>iii)	I am currently streaming some local Ogg files.  My processor is
>	running at 50% all the time whilst doing so, so I assume they
>	are being decoded and encoded and then sent.  Is there a way I
>	can stop this happening?  So they are transmitted as encoded.
>	I tried setting the nominal-bitrate to the same as the nominal
>	bitrate at which my Oggs were encoded, but this doesn't seem to
>	affect behaviour.

Are you using ices2? If so, turn reencoding off. One of the sample
config files turns it on for one of the two streams it sends - DO
NOT use the config files without significant modifications, they're
examples, not ready-to-use configs.


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