[icecast] Simple broadcasting of radio stream

Kerry Cox kerry.cox at ksl.com
Thu Apr 11 09:48:12 PDT 2002

Howdy, been using icecast for a couple years now, and am wanting to move
to the latest icecast and ices. I downloaded and compiled icecast-1.3.12
and ices-0.2.2 and they installed nicely. I got icecast to work alright
with liveice, but I would like to test ices. I have been mucking about
with the config file, but it keeps asking for a playlist. I simply want
to re-encode the radio audio stream being piped into the box's sound
card and encode it using the latest lame. Liveice works fine this way.
Any suggestions for configuring ices to simply re-distribute the audio
stream in MP3 format? Thanks. I can include a copy of my ices config,
but it's just like the sample one provided. I only want it to be
broadcast at 16 kbps and 16khz since it is just talk radio.
You cna listen to the current stream at http://icecast.ksl.com:8000/ on
XMMS. Just looking to make things better and more secure.

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