[icecast] "No Encoder"?

Marcelo Gulin marcelo at gulin.com.ar
Wed Apr 10 19:41:48 PDT 2002


  Thanks Robin but my problem was mount_fallback set to 0 in
icecast.conf. my fault!

Thanks anyway to all!

Marcelo Guiln

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<p>What's happening in IPF ? Got any log info there?

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> Subject: [icecast] "No Encoder"?
> Hi guys!
>   Thanks to your help I've my IceCast/LiveIce server up & running but 
> I´m still having problems:
>   My IceCast server is on the internal LAN and it's NAT'ed behind an 
> OpenBSD IPF firewall. Here's my network setup:
> Internet ---- [OpenBSD firewall] ---- hub ---- [IceCast server]
>                       |                               |
>                       +                               +
>               [port 8000 redirected]           [NAT'ed 192.168.100.x
> box]
>   NAT is working fine because I can connect to port 8000 from 
> internet. However, when I telnet to IceCast port and send "GET /stream

> HTTP/1.O" command, I can't get the stream from winamp nor IE/Netscape.
>   When I connect from an internal machine all works fine but when I 
> try to connect from internet I've get an "404 Stream Not Found" Error.

> (I known that the stream exists).
>   Looking at icecast.log I can see:
>   [09/Apr/2002:14:00:36] [86:Connection Handler] Kicking unknown 82 
> [199.6.98.xxx] [No encoder], connected for 2 seconds.
>    So, What's the "No Encoder" mean?
>    Or, Where the F* problem is?
> Thanks in advance!
> Marcelo Gulin

Robin P. Blanchard
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Georgia Center for Continuing Education
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