Updating show titles (was Re: [icecast] a new directory service)

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Mon Sep 17 15:27:14 UTC 2001

> What we've found, however, is that the stream title is only sent to the
> client during initial connect.  If I recall correctly, in icecast2, it's in
> the ice-name header.  We'd like to be able to update this for each
> broadcast on both streams.

The name of the stream is unchanging, just as it's URL should be.  Just
come up with a name that's not DJ specific.  Certainly the names of
radio stations don't change.

As I've said before, my goal is to remove time-dependent data from the
directory.  I _do_ plan to implement a ping/request in icecast 2 so that
a standalone directory client can't query a server to see what song is
playing and what the ping time is etc.  I think this, combined with
format information in the description field could be the answer that
you're looking for.

> this which the server sends on from the source when it takes over?  Since
> ogg copes just fine with chained streams, this would seem to be a must.

That changes the current song name on a chaining boundary, as well as
artist, tracknumber, etc.  That meta information is stored separately
(or will be stored separately) in icecast 2, and will be easily passed


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