[icecast] a new directory service

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Mon Sep 17 15:21:58 UTC 2001

> I'm planning to cast a couple or 3 of stations that are _not_
> monographic and will be "sports" from x to y hours, "pop" from
> y to z hours, "talk" from z to p hours and so on.
> That is because people that are listening the same genre for
> hours want to change. Why letting them to switch to another
> station? Just give them a variety that does not make them feel
> tired to listen.
> This is specially true for "live" radio and I think "live" is
> not to be considered a genre (as some directories do), but
> a property to be filed separately. 

I agree.  The reason 'live' is a genre is that most people just
broadcast all the music on their harddrive in random mode.  Only a minor
portion of the people actually worry about programming, etc.  

> Could be proposed to be defined under a "genre standard" following
> this format (I invent it now, so, reply improving this):

While that's not a bad idea, I'd like to keep this field human readable
and freeform.  Certainly you can mix genres, and I should have noted
that multiple space-separated fields were valid.

> Then the user (only if he has a login) is notified by mail on
> the next Thursday:
> Subject: Icecast Directory Remember Service
> Body:
> Remember that on xx/xx/xxxx at xx:xx you wanted to listen to:
> Radio XXXXX at http://hnjkcdhejkceh:45854218
> - Click "here" to listen
> - Click "here" to remember in [xxx] hours
> - Click "here" to remember again "xxx" hours before the event starts
> Also, as a secondary effect, this could be used to send
> "mail-bookmarks" to the users because they can store in a
> mail-folder some quantity of messages similar to this:
> Subject: [Directory Bookmark] Radio XXXXXXXX
> Body: Radio XXXXXXX is at http://hvdjjhvihwviuw:4678239

Now this idea I like. :)  

So not to discourage your earlier thoughts, this is probably best done
in the 'description' field, since a longer description will contain
things like "We have a talk show at 8PM EST", etc.  Traditional radio
stations have a format they adhere to.  That's easy enough to describe,
as their are only a handful of formats.

My vision is that users searching the directory will only search for
something new to listen to, and that they will have many of their
favorite streams bookmarked that they keep returning to.  So a user
searching for new stuff, will read the description, and probably glance
at the site if it looks interesting.


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