[icecast] a new directory service

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Mon Sep 17 07:50:25 UTC 2001

Jack Moffitt wrote:
> So I've been doing some research and thinking here and there about what
> a _good_ directory service for icecast would be like.  I'd appreciate
> some feedback and some discussion on this topic, before I start putting
> a lot of effort into developing it.

As I'm involved witth broadcasting a traditional radio station on the 
net, the important thing for me is to be able to indicate the type of 
program currently going on in the radio. Such a radio can not be 
described by one genre (like 'techno'), as the different programs may 
wary (there are programs dominated by speech, there are d&b programs, 
punk, ethno, etc.)

I see that with the ttl field in your approach, this goal could be 
achieved. I could set up a system which updates the info at the start of 
each program, with a ttl of the program's length. I'm only interested 
now in how this could be achieved (how could I update the directory info 
from cron, for example.)

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