[icecast] a new directory service

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Mon Sep 17 06:30:49 UTC 2001

> > type
> > 	type of the stream
> > 	ex.: audio/mpeg or application/ogg
> >
> This would be confusing to the end-user just looking for something to 
> listen to. The average user doesn't understand what a MIME type is. I'd 
> suggest just something like "MP3" or "Ogg" instead.

Note that this is information stored in the database.  Not all of it has
to be presented as stored.  It's easy enough to map a mime type to MP3
or Ogg.  But I think using the canonical type definition is a good thing
at the lowest level.

> > auth
> > 	authorization string.  this is a md5sum of of some
> > 	random data.
> > 	ex.: echo 'jack at xiph.org|Jack Moffitt|password' | md5sum
> Now this I like. Using an auth string to authenticate yourself to the 
> directory server is a Very Good Idea(tm). 

It should stop almost all forms of misuse besides forgery.  But since
there's theoretically no reason to forge, this shouldn't be a problem.

> Personally, I'd also still like to see a quality indication of some sort 
> (22.1khz Mono, etc) along with the bitrate field. But that's just me 
> wanting detailed info. I do, however, think that some sort of "Location" 
> field would be good to have. You could tell whether a stream was in the US 
> or the UK or whatnot, which would give you an idea of how good your 
> connection to the server would be.

Ogg streams might also have video at some point (I hope to start testing
this soon).  I'm not sure how best to store diveres info like this.  I
assume fps, khz, channels at the very least.  I'm still trying to think
of a really convinient way to store arbitrary things, so that the data
is extensible, instead of having to put out a new version of icecast
every time we want to add a variable.

Any ideas?


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