[icecast] Transparent Proxy

Alex Stansfield alex at black-sun.co.uk
Sun Sep 16 23:02:40 UTC 2001


The only need I have for icecast is as a transparent proxy. The problem
is I can't get it to work as one, is this feature implemented?

When I setup XMMS with a proxy of the computer running icecast (1.3.11)
I get this in the logs when trying to connect to a stream:

[16/Sep/2001:23:59:31] [9:Connection Handler] Accepted encoder on
mountpoint from lsac1-0-s02.shoutcast.net. 1
sources connected

but no stream starts playing, XMMS just says "CONNECTED: WAITING FOR
REPLY". Am I being really stupid? 

please help.



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