[icecast] Dynamic playlist support

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Sat Sep 15 01:12:30 UTC 2001

> Again, in Spain there is no rule in this sense... I mean, a normal
> air-FM/AM station can receive a call for a song and play it
> inmediately.

Yes.  In the US as well.  But not an INTERNET station.  The rules are
different if you broadcast over AM/FM than if you broadcast over IP.

> What happens if this spanish station broadcasts its content to internet
> and a US listener listens to that station? Would it be violation?

That's why they were exempted from the rules.  Rebroadcasts of AM/FM
stations aren't subject to the rules.  Although they may be subject to
them these days.  I have no idea, really.

> If a song is even made by a US artist but the promo CD is given
> to the spanish station by a record company in spain who bought the
> rights to control the copies in spain, what happens then?

US laws don't cross borders.  You don't have to care if you are
offshore.  But, the EU and Spain probably have their own laws.  I've
hear that the laws are particularly harsh in France for Internet radio,
although I have no idea.

> I'm quite confused on where start and where end the authority of
> an entity when the channel is spreading all over the world.

Broadcasts originating in america are subject to US law.  I don't think
US law governs broadcasts from spain, tradidional, internet, or


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