[icecast] icecast 1.3.11 problems under openbsd

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Tue Sep 4 15:25:00 UTC 2001


I am running icecast 1.3.11 under OpenBSD 2.8-STABLE. On a first look,
everything works fine, but after ~1.5 hours of streaming, clients start
losing the stream and have to rebuffer every couple minutes. While this
happens, the prepuffering starts to take a couple times longer than it
did before. It seems to work fine again now that I reconnected both
client and streamer, but it appears that this problem arises every few

Even more weird, before experiencing the problem I described above, I
had to reboot the gateway after experimenting with and setting up
icecast. It behaved as if it had 100% cpu load and everything became
extremely unreliable and sluggish. I couldn't verify that, though ...
top said something about a 0% user, 0% nice, 0% system, 0% interrupt, 0%
idle load. :P

I use 3 computers. One for streaming, the gateway under OBSD for serving
and another one as a client. They're all connected through a 100MBit
ethernet, so bandwidth is not an issue. I stream out of Winamp with the
current Shoutcast plugin and I also listen to the stream with Winamp
(all current versions).

Obtw, two more things ... I currently run icecast as root (propably
unnecessary and insecure to do) - could this be an issue concerning
icecast being allowed to theoretically grab all resources? In general,
is running icecast as root a good, bad, stupid, whatever thing to do?

Next thing is, I noticed a little bug concerning meta-data. Special
characters, like the ö in Björk become an y with two dots above it on
the client side.


P.S.: Whoops, rebuffering again. 45 minutes after reconnecting the
source. I'll let it run unattended a couple hours now - I'll see how
frequent the rebufferings are then.

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