[icecast] where is the icecast 2 source?

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Mon Sep 3 19:46:59 UTC 2001


I wanted to download the icecast 2 source. Here's how:

1. I looked at the icecast.org site (seemed like a logical choice). It's
not even mentioned on the site, it's not in the downloads directory, and
not in the CVS tree either (there is something there called ice2, it's
almost empty)

2. I looked at the xiph.org site, it points back to icecast.org

3. I searched the mailing list archive, and got a pointer to
http://i.cantcode.com/~jack/ where there are some old snapshots

4. I searched on google.com, in vain.

C'mon. Is the source hidden from people on purpose? Would it be so hard
to mention it on the icecast.org site? Wouldn't it be nice if poeple
wouldn't have to waste time hunting source code?

And finally: could I get to know where the up-to-date source for icecast
2 is? (I persume there is a CVS tree somewhere...)



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