[icecast] a new directory service

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Thu Oct 18 03:51:35 UTC 2001

> Ah ok.. and is this plugin a general winamp plugin or a codec to plugin to 
> the DSP?  That's why I am concerned.. if it's a winamp plugin, that's 
> cool.  If it's a codec plugin then it's bogus, because the last version of 
> the DSP doesn't support different codecs.. you're forced into using LAME 
> and that's it.  As I said, the new DSP sucks. ;)

It's an input plugin to be specific.  Oddsock has created a winamp dsp
plugin that supports ogg streaming (and has a good one for mp3 streaming
too).  Those are actively maintained, right Oddsock? :)

> > > I was talking about listener counts, not MAXTTL.
> >If you mean controlling whether it's displayed on the server, then
> >certainly those are server-configurable only :)  That's the only logical
> >way for them to be :)
> Yes.. you were so vehemently against the idea of listener counts that I was 
> thinking that you weren't going to have support for them in any way, shape 
> or form in this new project.. that's why I mentioned it. ;)

I haven't decided yet.  I still don't see a value in that specific piece
of data, but I agree the uses people have for them are important.  I'm
just trying to find an alternative.


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