[icecast] a new directory service

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Thu Oct 18 03:33:23 UTC 2001

> Hopefully.. considering their DSP guy and a handful of others were laid 
> off.. the new DSP they have really blows too so I'm forced into using the 
> old one.. oh well.

The ogg plugin author was not an employee.  He was a contractor.  He's
still working on the plugin regardless.

> Oh that's cool.. and I assume the WMP plugin is available through the wacky 
> MS codec plugin thing, so that it can automagically find and download it if 
> it needs to?  That's just as good as default support, if not plain better.

I doubt microsoft will do that, but you never know.  For now it's a
download (but it's a very nice and easy installer.  a no brainer).
We're trying to find a way to make this automatic when you hit a webpage
possibly.  We'll see.  It only gets better from here :)

> >I'm not sure what you mean.  If you mean MAXTTL, it's certainly
> I was talking about listener counts, not MAXTTL.

It doesn't matter whether listener counts are configurable by the user.
users will cheat anyway.  Certainly shoutcast does not allow you to
change these, and you can still cheat in numerous ways.

If you mean controlling whether it's displayed on the server, then
certainly those are server-configurable only :)  That's the only logical
way for them to be :)

> Well it's not protecting against spoofing either. 

Yes it is.  To spoof the address you'd have to guess the password.
That is reasonable difficult.

> Someone can sniff the 
> hash and then they don't have to spoof,

Sniffing is quite difficult.  If you can sniff, you've likely gotten
onto the box anyway and can cause other michief.  The chances of someone
on your network wanting to muck with you is slim, and even so, challenge
response prevents this.

You can still sniff the transmission to the directory server, since it
will need to receive the password.  But like I said, this isn't perfect,
just quite adequate for our purposes and very easy to implement and


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