[icecast] newbie q: mime type?

Asymmetric asym at rfnj.org
Thu Oct 11 02:55:04 UTC 2001

At 12:31 PM 10/11/2001 +1000, you wrote:
>On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Jon Drukman wrote:
> > ok this has to be FAQ #1 but it's not in my FAQ file...
> >
> > how do i get it so going to my server (http://pretension.com:8000/) starts
> > an mp3 player streaming instead of opening up a 51M download window?
>You don't. It doesn't work like that.  The browser won't launch an app
>until the given file is downloaded which, for a live stream, will never
>happen.  What you have to do is to use an M3U or PLS file (M3U is more
>widely supported) containing the above URL.  When clicked on, this file
>will be downloaded and passed off to your MP3 player.  Example:
><A HREF="stream.m3u">click here to listen</A>

This isn't true.  He can also do either of these two things :

1. Open http://pretension.com:8000/playlist.pls?mount=/icy_0&file=dummy.pls 
in his browser.
(assuming he is using mountpoint 0)

2. Open http://pretension.com:8000 in his player.

There is no need to create a pls/m3u and open it, icecast generates these 
on-the-fly with the URL used in #1.

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