[icecast] DarkIce and archiving things

Samuel Hathaway lsy at munkynet.org
Tue Oct 9 18:52:57 UTC 2001

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Akos Maroy wrote:

> Samuel Hathaway wrote:
> > 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > After solving my previous problem with DarkIce, I have another question.
> > I'm streaming for a radio station, and we want to archive our shows. I'm
> > writing a little script that talks to our schedule database and "rotates"
> > mp3 files much the same way one might rotate syslog. My problem is,
> > DarkIce only lets you specify a /remote/ file to save, not a /local/ file.
> > I know I can have icecast save a "log" of the stream, but then there's
> > additional lag. Any ideas? Currently, I've written my own streamer in
> > perl, but it's kinda flaky.
> I use the remoteDumpFile feature of icecast to archive our radio. I
> start DarkIce every 4 hours for a 4 hour period, and have a different
> remote dump file for each of these per day. So I have 6 different remote
> dump files in total, one from midnight to 4 am, one from 4 am to 8, etc.
> I also have a script on the server machine which cuts these dump files
> into half-our pieces using dd, at every :02 and :32. This way I get the
> archive of the live broadcast with a half hour lag, and in half hour
> resolutions (remember, there is no fast-forward capability in xmms or
> other mp3 streaming clients).
> The reason I didn't put a local dump feature into DarkIce is that in an
> optimal setup, the server and the encoder is a different machine, with
> only the server visible on the net. So you'd have to copy the archive
> from the encoder's local dump to the server, in effect doubling the
> network load between them (as the same thing gets streamed once, than
> copied a second time). Also, as the server dumps real time, the lag is
> the same with a local dump and an icecast dump.

Thanks for the information... I'm thinking about setting the remote dump
file to be a named pipe, with a perl script listening on the other end
which would take care of segmenting the files according to show
schedules. Thanks for DarkIce!

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