[icecast] Keeping Icecast and Liveice running...

William Goldsmith wildbill at kpig.com
Mon Oct 8 18:37:07 UTC 2001

Liveice definitely needs a keepalive script of some kind. It's tricky,
though - since it can lose connection to the server & stop streaming, but
continue to run. The only truly reliable keepalive I've used polls the
server to see if it says the stream is up & if not kills & restarts liveice.
When killing liveice, it's best to kill the lame process(es) that it spawns
as well. I've seen it leave behind zombie lame processes that prevent
liveice from starting up.

The server generally stays up just fine.


> I'm just wondering how people are keeping Icecast and Liveice running.  If
it crashes at some point do you just restart everything by hand or do you
have something to keep an eye on the processes (e.g svscan/daemontools
program)???  I will be running a stream for a radio station and if the
stream crashes I would like it to know that it has crashed and either reboot
the system or restart the processes somehow.
> Matt

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