[icecast] ices 0.2.2 does not reencode mp3s

Bolt Thrower tyr at winter.teiresias.net
Fri Nov 30 04:16:16 UTC 2001

Brendan Cully wrote:
> In the meantime, you might try 0.2.1, which isn't much different but
> doesn't have the aforementioned "feature". Still, VBRs haven't been
> much tested and and are not officially supported. So 0.2.1 may still
> crash on you. Try it out though...

Believe it or not, 0.2.1 isn't reencoding either.  It must be the
VBR issue you mentioned, since I tested a constant bitrate MP3 and
it reencoded it just fine.

So, any estimate on a date for 0.2.3 ;)

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