[icecast] ices 0.2.2 does not reencode mp3s

Bolt Thrower tyr at teiresias.net
Wed Nov 28 16:49:51 UTC 2001

Moritz Grimm wrote:
> Bolt Thrower wrote:
> > >From my ices.conf:
> >     <Bitrate>64</Bitrate>
> > My mp3s are encoded with the following command:
> >   /usr/local/src/lame3.86/lame -S -V 1 -b 128 -h -m j \
> >         --tt "title" --ta "artist" --tl "album" \
> >         --ty "year" --tn tracknum song.wav song.mp3
> Your lame command shows 128kbps while ices.conf shows 64kbps. Maybe you
> only changed ices.conf and forgot to alter the lame command?

Thanks for the reply.  No, the lame command is used when I rip & encode
my music for archival purposes, and isn't otherwise used at the time of
streaming the mp3s.  In the command above, the '-b 128' sets the minimum
allowed bitrate for VBR encoding.

Again, it has worked fine with ices 0.1.0, so I'm tempted to conclude
that it's an ices problem and not a lame problem.


Steve Chadsey <tyr at teiresias.net>
"Is death another birthday, 
a way to kiss your dreams goodbye?  
Do the undead live within us, and look through our eyes?"
    -- Iron Maiden, "Only the Good Die Young"

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