[icecast] Icecast2 under OpenBSD - update

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Mon Nov 26 09:09:26 UTC 2001

>The question still is, whether it is trivial to fix (even for non-coders
>like me) and if yes, how?

Does openbsd's pthread library not have pthread_detach? Or is it the 
extra underscore at the start there that's causing problems? Dealing
without pthread_detach would be painful, though not impossible. 

>My workaround is a port redirect from my OBSD gateway to a linux box.
>This is not the solution I prefer but it does its job, at least for
>simple testing. Normally, I use the nice Oddcast DSP as a source, but
>since I am forced to use linux for OGG streaming now - which sources for
>linux are there that support stable OGG streaming, with reencoding and
>resampling? My goal is something similar to what I have under Windows
>right now: A huge playlist on shuffle, mixed with MP3s and OGGs of all
>kinds plus the possibility to pick tunes by hand (to actively play
>what's wished by me or someone else), with decent crossfading, so
>changing tunes doesn't hurt too much. (== Winamp + Oddcast + SC
>Crossfading plugin)

ices2 is most likely what you want - it's very stable, does both live encoding
and reencoding, and various other things. It doesn't yet do resampling
- I've been WAY short on time lately and I'm going away soon, so I 
won't be able to add it, but someone else should be able to do so 
pretty easily, if anyone is interested. It also doesn't have crossfading,
and won't - crossfading annoys the crap out of me on radio, having it
on internet radio as well would just annoy me even more. Scripting
support (like in ices1) for more general playlist manipulation support
(though you can do this externally without requiring explicit support)
will get added at some point, it's actually really easy to add - but again,
I don't have the time at the moment for new features.


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