[icecast] icecast encoders?

William Goldsmith wildbill at kpig.com
Sat Nov 17 21:36:11 UTC 2001

Liveice can encode 2 streams at once, one mono & one stereo, at any
bitrates - and save one or both of the streams to disk.

I frequently use it to encode 128k stereo & 24k mono simulatneously. Someone
has posted a hack to allow you to turn archiving on & off on the fly - the
stock Liveice requires a restart  in order to start or stop archiving.


> > > I agree! Also, something I've been looking for is a way to pull sound
> > > the dsp device at 44kHz and then downsample it to 22kHz for one of my
> > > streams. Ideas?
> >
> > DarkIce does this already. What it doesn't do, is to have mono and
> > outputs at the same time.
> If you do something for that, please also try to add the possibility to
> do a local high quality dump, if possible, then DarkIce will satisfy
> 150% of my needs ;-)
> Thanks in advance.
> Jerome Alet

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