AW: AW: [icecast] final question: how many mountpoints can icecast handle ?

Jerome Alet alet at
Wed Nov 7 12:59:43 UTC 2001


On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Andreas Gunzenhauser wrote:

> damn, I was afraid of that, but thanks for lightening me up 
> (although I am in complete darkness now, after having seen 
> the light just some days ago..)
> I'm looking into http streaming of the static files just now,
> but I came to find that there is one huge drawback:
> 1. when sending the stream out with icecast/shoutcast 
>    it would be possible to "push" the next song in, even 
>    let the user influence this so that he could act like 
>    when playing a CD, so he could go on to the next song etc 
>    and request specific songs from his playlist. 
>    Unfortunately, as it turned out, icecast is thought to 
>    send a FEW source-streams to MANY users. What I want to do is send 
>    ONE source-stream to ONE user, so it will be as many source streams 
>    as there will be users.

Maybe I'm completely wrong here, but what I'd do if I were you would be to
allow people to generate their own playlist with a cgi script (or php or
whatever) of some sort picking songs in your database, then let their mp3
tool (be it xmms, mpg123, winamp, itunes, realplayer) play this playlist.
This way you'll not need any source to your icecast server and a single
server could handle most of the load, if not all. 

Provided your icecast server's name is "yourserver" and it listens on port
8000, then just take a look at http://yourserver:8000/playlist.pls output
and do the same from your cgi script (launched through Apache) with a cgi
output like this one : 

--- CUT ---

--- CUT ---

provided you set the correct content-type in your cgi output this playlist
would be played automatically (sorry I don't know what it must be, maybe
something like audio/x-mpegurl but not sure)

Now the difficult part is to allow the people to browse your database to
construct their own playlist, but you know better than me how to do.

wouldn't it solve your problem ?

Jerome Alet

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