[icecast] Stallman @ NYU

WWWhatsup joly at dti.net
Wed May 30 08:31:12 UTC 2001

I did manage to dv-tape this from the front row, and thus
got pretty fair audio, but a slightly awkward camera angle.

NYU Media Lab had a tripod set up at the back, and were
apparently intending to webcast the results via real. They
were a little taken aback when I mentioned Richard's aversion
to propietary formats, and thanked me profusely for pointing
it out, and saving them grief.

Meanwhile I've encoded the audio in the kosher ogg-vorbis format,
but i couldn't encode at less than 128k, so the files are
huge - 110MB+ - but for those that have the pipe they are there
plus some stills. http://punkcast.com/64/

I do wish there was an 'free' SMIL player and a good low bitrate audio
codec that would allow me to do the modem speed slideshow (sigh)

I'll be happy to burn and mail cd's to any isoc/istf members
that are interested. mailto:joly at dti.net?subject=stallman
If you want video I'd have to clear it with gnu.org

One appeal that Stallman did make, which strikes me as reasonable, is
that in normal use when referring to the OS rather than just
the kernel - one use the designation GNU/Linux .. to give full
credit to the GPL community. "Still less syllables than Windows2000."

GNU Press Release

CNET: Open-source guru to rebut Microsoft

eweek: Stallman strikes back at Microsoft

ogg-vorbis info

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