[icecast] problems with icecast2

Thomas Kirk thomas at arkena.com
Wed May 23 18:56:14 UTC 2001

Hey Jack Vakor

I dont know if this is a icecast or ices releated probelm. For the past
couple of days ive been streaming Ogg Vorbis on our internal network.
Today i tried to move the icecast2 server to one of our external servers
and it went up find (after i installed the proper libs ;-) Anyway i
pointed ices towards the server and got the following error every time
it tried to connect to the server :

[2001-05-23  18:40:38] INFO ices-core/main ices started...
[2001-05-23  18:40:38] INFO playlist-builtin/playlist_read Currently playing /mnt/home1/users/albums/dj_dave_seaman_renaissance_desire_cd1/track03.cdda.ogg
[2001-05-23  18:40:38] EROR stream/ices_instance_stream Failed initial connect to (Couldn't connect)
[2001-05-23  18:40:38] DBUG input/input_loop An instance died, removing it
[2001-05-23  18:40:38] DBUG input/input_flush_queue Input queue flush requested
[2001-05-23  18:40:39] DBUG input/input_loop All instances removed, shutting down control thread.
[2001-05-23  18:40:39] INFO ices-core/main Shutdown complete

I cant telnet to port 8000 on the server either so i dont know what
can be wrong? Please help since i would like to stream Ogg Vorbis to
my friend scott ;-)

Venlig hilsen/Kind regards
Thomas Kirk
thomas at arkena.com

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