[icecast] Tweaking Questions.

harvey smith harvey at buskers.org
Wed May 16 20:05:04 UTC 2001

On Wed, 16 May 2001, Kevin Searle wrote:

> On Wednesday 16 May 2001 14:34, you wrote:
> > 1- What MIME type and extentsion do we need to
> > open a player through Apache, currently what happens
> > is that it attempts to download the entire folder
> > containing the mp3's instead of opening up the
> > player (this happens at http://www.xxx.com:8000).
> Instead of having link to http://www.xxx.com:8000, you need to have a link to 
> a file on the webserver such as: http://www.xxx.com/playlist.m3u

Then in Apache have an AddType directive

     audio/x-mpegurl .m3u

which have Apache send out the proper mime type.

> In the playlist.m3u file, place the text http://www.xxx.com:8000
> > 2- How can you create a playlist? Currently it
> > just plays the mp3's and we'd like for promos to
> > be heard before they pick up the broadcast.
> Create a file on the icecast/ices server - call it anything like playlist.txt 
> or something.  In the command-line for ices, use the -F switch to specifiy 
> the location relative to where the command is excuted. Alternatively, this 
> can also be specified in the ices configuration file. Look for the element 
> <ices:File></ices:File>. Rewrite it as <ices:File>playlist.txt</ices:File>.

Another way is to place a static-file promo as the first file in the .m3u
file too. So that your .m3u file will look something like this:


There is some discussion in the list archive too I think. Search for .pls
and .m3u (.pls are simular to .m3u's)

good luck


> Hope this helps.

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