[icecast] Tweaking Questions.

AJones! ajones at alternic.org
Wed May 16 19:34:04 UTC 2001

5/16/01 12:45 PM kevin at kevinsearle.com


>> The reason for asking is that everything else had "hackme" as a pw
>> and "prettyplease" raised a question because we thought it may be
>> a part of something else (ie. ices) and curious if we missed something
>> in the setting up process.
>There are three different passwords - one for the admin, one for the oper, 
>and one for the source. I think (going by memory) that 'hackme' was the 
>default admin and 'prettyplease' was the default oper passwords.

Thanks for the clarification on that.

Any idea on my 2 other questions?

1- What MIME type and extentsion do we need to
open a player through Apache, currently what happens
is that it attempts to download the entire folder
containing the mp3's instead of opening up the
player (this happens at http://www.xxx.com:8000).

2- How can you create a playlist? Currently it
just plays the mp3's and we'd like for promos to 
be heard before they pick up the broadcast.

Server info:

OS is Red Hat 7.0
Icecast 1.3.10
Ices 0.0.1.beta5

Thanks again!


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