[icecast] Problem with Streams > 160KBit/s

Martin Hierling mad at cc.fh-lippe.de
Fri May 4 09:29:37 UTC 2001


> > very much. So, I have eliminated the Net (stream to localhost), the CPU
> > (P3/800 should be fast enough), and lame (can encode 320kBit/s 3 times
> > faster then the wav has secs). So the Problem should be icecast. 
> > 
> > can anybody please enlight me?
> I have Icecast streaming 192 kbit/sec, layer II though.
> It's at http://cleo.rug.ac.be:8000/mix

Could you please tell me something about you setup.
The streaming server, version of icecast, any specials, version of os?

Shout, on the same maschine or serving over network?
Version of shout? Files encoded with lame?

thanks for you help


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