[icecast] more directory questions

Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Wed May 2 20:51:10 UTC 2001

>    Now playing only works with title streaming.  this won't work through a
>    relay in icecast.  We never got to it.
> I see.  Is it difficult to implement?

It's non-trivial, but not super hard.  Since i'm the only one writing
server code, it's not likely to ever get done, as most of my efforts are
on icecast2.

>    What's the 'longer description"  is that the icecast description field?
>    If so, shoutcast never supported those anyway. and yp.icecast.org
>    doesn't list them on the front page.  I had a yp.icecast.org at oen time
>    that used them, but never finished it.
> Apparently this is the -d command line option in ices.  Perhaps I
> could hack ices to read the title from each file and update this;
> would that work?  Is this already possible in the perl extensions?

Ices already supports updating all the information.  For instance, if
you used it with a shoutcast server, it would work with songtitles.

It will even work in icecast without a relay.


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