[icecast] someone wake me up...

Mark Lehrer mark at knm.org
Fri Mar 30 18:38:28 UTC 2001

> and tell me that it is possible to make icecast broadcast titles or
> id3 tags. I refuse to believe that you all can talk so fondly of a
> program that gives you the ability to make a radiostation but not
> tell its listeners what is on the air.. That is just too weird.. So
> what do YOU do to tell people what they are listening to?

There are three ways I know of - one is to make a cgi page that
displays the current track.  I store mine in a database and let the
users see the past 10 tracks, and select choices to play next.

Two, make sure you put id3v2 tags at the beginning of each mp3 file.
Many players (but not all) will display this.  XMMS will, Freeamp
and mpg123 won't.

Three, isn't there already a way to view metadata, through some kind
of out-of-band connection?  Freeamp always shows the title when it
connects to the stream source (though this doesn't work if you're
using an alias).


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