[icecast] Icecast and LiveIce-XMMS Working!

Todd Goodman tgoodman at sonusnet.com
Fri Mar 23 13:06:58 UTC 2001

Previously I mentioned some problems I was having getting LiveIce and
Icecast working.

Everything is working so I wanted to get the archives updated with the

The first was just my player I was streaming to needed a much larger
buffer configured (stupid, but I'm just starting up with streaming).

The problem I had with LiveIce streams being unlistenable was due to the
wrong input stream being selected on the LiveIce box (again, stupid).

Finally, what I really wanted was to run LiveIce-XMMS since I have a
jukebox app that plays via XMMS.  It used to be that as soon as I
enabled LiveIce-XMMS that XMMS would core.  Happily after upgrading to
the latest CVS for LiveIce-XMMS and 1.2.4 for XMMS everything is
copacetic.  It works great!

Now, if I can just get title streaming working without getting out of
sync (and getting clicks on the listeners unless they stop and restart
the stream) then everything would be awesome.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for the help,


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