[icecast] x-audiocast etc.

Asymmetric all at biosys.net
Tue Mar 13 02:03:55 UTC 2001

Hmm.. just switched back to icecast hoping that 1.3.9 would have fixed some 
of the bugs I was running into, such as icecast gobbling up more and more 
memory until it would tank around 200M or so (in a box with 256) if left 
running a few days, and got some general questions for anyone in-the-know. ;)

1. Is there a definitive list of what players on what platforms support the 
x-audiocast headers?  On windows I've tried winamp, freeamp, and sonique.. 
none of them display the currently playing song title, although icecast is 
getting it just fine.  Sonique even displayes the "Genre" header 
correctly.. just not the song title.  I'm sourcing from winamp 2.72, 
Shoutcast Source DSP 1.8.0.

2. Is the icy header hack for song titles going to be fixed any time soon, 
or ever?  Virtues of x-audiocast aside, I'd like to see some kind of 
backwards compatibility.. when sc_serv is the server, it manages to stream 
the titles to the players fine.. whenever I enable this stuff in icecast, 
the playback goes totally berserk.. screeching, hissing, popping, and 
generally going out of sync all over the place.

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