[icecast] Webplay Configuration Question

Benjamin K. Derry ben at gallatinriver.net
Tue Mar 13 00:50:43 UTC 2001

I am setting up an Icecast server for Instructional Music use. I have 
Webplay set to show a playlist, but it will not feed MP3's through to 
WinAmp or iTunes for example.

What I have is:

Apache 1.3.12-25
Icecast 1.3.7
IPC-SysV 1.03
MP3-Info 0.91
Proc-ProcessTable 0.29
Storable 1.0.10
Webplay 0.95b

Directory structure is:

                webplay's cgis


                Icecast installation

                MP3 file library

Also under /home/ftp

                                        MP3's for class

I have run the mkwebplay_dir program to create the webplay_cache 
file, and it does find it. Also the playlist shows in the webplay web 
interface, but it doesn't play from the the client side.

Also Icecast I think is configured correctly as I can stream music 
through it from WinAmp with Shoutcast plugin.


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