[icecast] Icecast Crypted Passwords

Tim Ayers tayers at bridge.com
Mon Mar 12 13:53:57 UTC 2001

The FAQ for icecast 1.3.7 and 1.3.9 contains the following entry:

  Q13: What's the story with crypted passwords?
  A13: Normally, icecast and shoutcast servers keep the passwords uncrypted,
       either in a configfile, or specified on the command line. This is pretty
       poor security. Newer versions of icecast provide a configuration option
       (--with-crypt). With this option, then the passwords in the configuration
       file (icecast.conf) and the ones specified on the command line, should
       be crypted. To produce these crypted passwords, use the mkpasswd program
       distributed with icecast. Be careful in the configuration file not to
       leave any junk chars after the passwords.

But I don't find a "mkpasswd" anywhere? Where do I get it? Thanks.

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
Tim Ayers (tayers at bridge.com)

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