[icecast] ices users, please test the ices in CVS

Brendan Cully brendan at kublai.com
Tue Jun 12 22:38:13 UTC 2001


I've been doing some work on ices, and I'd like to put out a release
shortly so I can get to work on MultiStreaming (tm). Some bugs are
fixed (eg now ices:BaseDirectory works (but note it is no longer
called ices:Base_Directory - I figured since it was broken odds were
good no one was using it), and song length is correct in the cue
file), but mostly I've done a ton of work on the build process. There
are some minor new features (you can specify a path to your xml
libraries, and you can link against an already-installed libshout),
but mostly I've just rewritten what was a very messy process.

This means that I have no idea whether ices now builds on any but the
two systems I happen to have available to me. So, I'd appreciate it if
those of you who can use CVS and ices would check out the current copy
and play with it. I'd appreciate feedback over the next couple days
before I make an actual release.


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