[icecast] Newbie Question on encoder password error

Christian Eyre ceyre at vicnet.net.au
Tue Jun 12 05:27:25 UTC 2001

I'm having problems getting icecast to accept the encoder password on shout. Unencoded or encoded, on the server or client, the password isn't being accepted when shout is run. Any suggestions?

1. server: debian with 2.2.18 kernal
2. software: 
        icecast-client 1.4.0-4        Streaming Mpeg Layer III feeder
        icecast-server 1.3.10-2       Streaming Mpeg Layer III server

Note by default, icecast is prepackaged with encrypted password support. 

3. password encryption method

$echo passwd > /tmp/pass
makepasswd --clearfrom=/tmp/pass --crypt
rm /tmp/pass

4. stderr output: 
[Error in read, exiting
read: Broken pipe

5. icecast.log error

... [Bad Password] [encoder], connected for 0 seconds, 0 bytes transfered. -1
 sources connected


Kind regards
Christian Eyre

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