[icecast] liveice/lame problem

Scott Manley scott at myplay.com
Mon Jun 11 21:16:36 UTC 2001

Bryan Walls wrote:
> I've set up Liveice on a Yellowdog Linux laptop (YDL 2.0). I'm trying
> to stream to an icecast server on another YDL 2.0 system.
> Streaming seems to be fine, but encoding is pure garbage. When I
> listen to the stream, it basically sounds like white noise. The
> intesity of the hum depends on the strength of the sound being
> encoded, though. If I stop playing the CD, it drops to a  gentle hum,
> turn it on I hear a loud one.
> I'm assuming the problem is with lame encoding (so to speak). I'm
> using LAME 3.7. I've tried encoding at several different speeds (bit
> rate and encoding), and well as setting the -h switch, all with no
> difference. Anyone else seen this? Suggestions?

This is the endianess getting screwed up since PPC is big endian, Grep
though the liveice code for NUMBER_LITTLE_ENDIAN and undefine it...

I'm *guessing* this will fix it.....

Scott Manley (AKA Szyzyg)
Streaming Media Hacker

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