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jaromil jaromil at dyne.org
Sat Jun 9 01:12:10 UTC 2001

On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 11:09:03AM -0600, Jack Moffitt wrote:
> So I've been doing this myself for far too long, I'm glad to have some
> good help these days.
> ices 1.x is now going to be maintained by Brendan Cully.  Brendan has
> also done most of the network/imap code in mutt, and is working on
> multistreaming in ices 1.x.  Hopefully we'll see some good stuff.
> ices 2.x (the vorbis version) is coming along very nicely and is
> maintained by Michael Smith.  Michael's been hacking on vorbis for a
> long time, and I'm glad I've got him helping on icecast finally :)
> liveice is still virtually unmaintained.  it's no longer relevant with
> ices 2 for vorbis things, if anyone wants to maintain this or has
> patches, Scott Manley is the person to talk to.  
> All other code is maintained by me.  My focus is currently on getting
> icecast 2 and the new directory code out the door.  icecast 2 will do
> mp3 and vorbis, but you'll need a separate source tool for each (ices
> 1.x or ices 2.x).  At least for now.
> I'll post some of my directory stuff soon.  Progress on icecast itself
> has been slow the last few weeks since I recently moved to New Mexico
> (god, i love it here), and won't have DSL until tuesday.  

i can promise MuSE will support oggvorbis streaming, hoping to satisfy
as much people liveice does, offering realtime live input mixing on top
of 6 bitstreams. There are good probabilities that some radios in italy
invest in further development of MuSE, which paused for nearly 2 months.

my plans are to include libshout1 and 2 to let streaming with both
codecs from MuSE. i'll wait for a stable release of icecast2 to start
development, so jack i hope you'll enjoy this summer and keep up the
good work!

btw i noticed GStreamer is coming up as a reliable and robust framework,
so i guess it'll be also a great solution for vorbis streaming.


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