[icecast] stupid question

Brendan Cully brendan at kublai.com
Fri Jun 8 14:09:56 UTC 2001

On Wednesday, 06 June 2001 at 18:59, Jack Moffitt wrote:
> > Do icecast/ices 2 ONLY support vorbis, or can they still handle mp3s?
> > I am not ready to stream only vorbis yet, since I don't know how many
> > people are equipped to hear them. If icecast/ices 2 don't support mp3,
> > then I have some hacking to do on ices 1 (namely, I want to play the
> > same stream at two bitrates concurrently), but if icecast/ices 2 do,
> > then I'll check them out and devote any hacking I may have to do to
> > them.
> icecast 2 and ices 2 currently only support vorbis.
> There are hooks for icecast2 to support mp3, and I plan to implement
> this soon.
> michael will have to answer regarding ices2, but I suspect mp3 is not
> going to get in there unless someone else submits a beautiful patch.

Thanks for the info. After taking a quick look at ices2 I decided it
would probably be a lot easier to hack ices1 to do multiple streams
from the same playlist.

I've got it working except for metadata updates (and I commented out
the lame reset code between songs to see if that was still necessary,
and it is :) - I'll post a patch probably later today after I've fixed
those two things and gone over it a bit.

I haven't read the libshout spec too much, but apparently it's safe to
call shout_sleep (conn) for multiple connections in the same thread?
That's what I'm doing atm, seems to work.

BTW ices in CVS needs quite a lot of Makefile.am/configure.in
massaging to compile - and the thread library doesn't compile out of
the box either, due to some function renaming issues. Looks like these
two were just abandoned in the middle of a reorg...


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