[icecast] different play lists on different ports?

Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Fri Jun 1 16:30:06 UTC 2001

> No, what I meant by instances was multiple non-forked instances of the
> executable in the process table, ie icecast run multiple times with different
> port options.  I see from your answer below that this is no longer possible.

If you run multiple copies of icecast, they will be completely separate,
and work as two separate entities.  I have run many instances of icecast
on the same box all on different ports, with little problems.  For each
single instance, you can ask it to listen on multiple ports, which all
act the same.  But two instances ports are separate. And the icecast
instances won't even know about each other.

> jack> You likely are using the wrong option to iceplay (god knows why you are
> jack> using that really outdated and inadequate tool).
> Because the version I'm using is neither outdated nor inadequate.  It's been
> improved by other people and it works great.  The version I'm using has mysql
> as a back end for keeping album and playlist information (and everything is
> handled via a web interface for creating, editing, and choosing playlists,
> requesting songs, etc, but that's not part of iceplay, that's just the stuff
> that wraps around it.  Very similar to dj lizard).

I would suggest replacing the send loop in iceplay with the Shout perl
module, which uses C code for timing. Perl is just not good enough to do
accurate timing, and you'll get artifacts and skips and disconnects more
often than with something that's using the reliable code.  In any case,
if it works for you great :)  At a certain point, I could no longer get
reliable streams out of it.  My testing showed perl to be just a bit to
course grained to do what it needed to do.

> I'll see what I can do with that mount points instead of using different
> ports.  Thanks for the info.

The different ports will work across multiple instances.  But they are
equivalent on a single instance.

For example:

icecast isntance one, running on ports 8000, 8001, 8002

icecast instance two, running on ports 9000, 9001, 9002

8000,8001,8002 will all act identically with no difference.

9000,9001,9002 will all act identically with no difference

8000,1,2 and 9000,1,2 will not be anything alike.  They will not share
sources or anything else, unless you've explicitly done this.  (eg,
sending the same stream to both servers).

Running two icecast's on one box is functionally the same as two
icecasts on two different boxes.

Hopefully this clears things up a bit.


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