[icecast] Sacrilege, but...

Mike Prudence mjp at filmsat59.com
Wed Jul 25 09:23:07 UTC 2001

Dale wrote:

>Per my email a few days ago, the sock.c return value fix fixed all my
>studdering problems. Checking out what's in icecast CVS right now will
>give you that (and other) bug fixes.

OK, OK, OK - I give in :-)

For the record, here's how to 'check out the latest from CVS' for those 
like me that are too scared to try it out.

1.  First, get a version of CVS from somewhere.  If you're a Redhat weenie, 
of course try there first.  If not, go to http://www.cvshome.org - they 
have binaries for generic linux as well as RPMs.

2. cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at cvs.icecast.org:/cvsroot login

3. Hit <return> for the password (ie, there isn't one).

4. Change to a nice directory you wish to checkout the source into (eg, 

5. cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at cvs.icecast.org:/cvsroot checkout icecast

You will then have a directory named 'icecast' with the latest source within.

6. cd icecast

7. ./autogen.sh

8. make

9. Shutdown any running icecasts you have as we're going to overwrite the 
binary file.  Everything gets put in the usual places in /usr/local/icecast

10. make install

This is what worked for me - I hope it will work for everyone else!

Just started testing, but I'm still not listed on shoutcast :-(



Films at 59 Ltd, Bristol.         http://www.filmsat59.com

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