[icecast] Sacrilege, but...

Mike Prudence mjp at filmsat59.com
Tue Jul 24 22:51:52 UTC 2001

Hi all,

I'm afraid that having spent yet another entire day floundering around in 
the world of icecast, I've really now got to the point of asking a 
difficult question.

I set up an icecast server back in early 1999, and it seemed to work fine 
for months.  We had a server crash here that meant I had to go and reget 
the sources to rebuild, and ever since then it has been nothing but grief.

I've reached the end of my very, very long tether, and not being an 
afficionado of the online mp3 streaming scene, I'd just like to know:-

- icecast is the open source equivalent of something.
- can I pay some money and get the non-open source version of that 
something that will run on my Linux box and work ??

I just want to stream some mp3 files.  It can't surely be this hard, can it ??

[For those interested in details, my symptoms are this: latest release 
iceast, latest release ices, get listed on icecast.org, not listed on 
shoutcast.com; streaming works for a few minutes, then get stuttering and 
then client gives up and restarts; ices gives up after 10 minutes or so 
(whole process dies); listening locally (ie, on our 100Mbps LAN), get 
continual winking red lights from Winamp, unless I press pause, then play, 
which seems to steady the stream, although it then goes all weird after 
about five minutes, and then someone times out and the connection gets 
dropped; tried with ices and shout; tried with both redhat 6.2 and 7.1 
systems; tried with icecast on one machine and ices on another; local 
listener on local 100Mbps network; remote listener (over 256Kbps cable 
modem) seems more stable (less Winamp redlights) but still dies after 5 
minutes or so; tried Sonique client, same results; only common factor is 
me: ie, config files set much the same, followed the same instructions to 
compile and install.  I'm sure it works, but I'll be damned if I can make 
it work!  Oh, and if anyone says 'get the CVS source' try doing that from 
the web interface and maintain your sanity.]

Er, help ???



Films at 59 Ltd, Bristol.         http://www.filmsat59.com

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