[icecast] ices just stops ?

Benjamin Zeiss bz at zeiss.net
Tue Jul 10 18:46:53 UTC 2001


i am quite new with icecast and ices and shout. i have just installed them three
days ago. i mainly tried ices instead of shout since it is much more
advanced. since v0.2 is supposed to be untested, i started with 0.1.
my problem is that ices just quits after some time (1-3 hours
normally). i am not really able to analyze what the problem is.

this is what icecast.log gives me:

[10/Jul/2001:07:14:40] [51:Source Thread] Kicking source 47 [localhost] [Lost all clients to new source] [encoder], connected for 3>
[10/Jul/2001:07:14:40] [51:Source Thread] Kicking all 0 clients for source 47
[10/Jul/2001:08:33:59] [53:Source Thread] Lost connection to source on mount /grooveomatic, waiting 30 seconds for timeout
[10/Jul/2001:08:34:29] [53:Source Thread] Kicking source 49 [localhost] [Client timeout exceeded, removing source] [encoder], conne>
[10/Jul/2001:08:34:29] [53:Source Thread] Kicking all 0 clients for source 49

o obviously ices quits. however, when i listen to the stream myself
ices seems to be stable. i have tried that over a period of some
hours. ices always quits when it is in the background and nobody
listens to the stream it seems.
i have tried to pipe the debugging info with ices -c configbla.conf
>mylog.log 2>&1

but this log turned out to be quite small with somehting like that:

Playing /home/mp3/Black Music/bobby brown - two can play that game.mp3
DEBUG: Filename cleaned up from [/home/mp3/Black Music/bobby brown - two can play that game.mp3] to [bobby brown - two can play tha>
DEBUG: Updated metadata on grooveomatic to: bobby brown - two can play that game

my guess is that ices must´ve crashed or something, because there
should´ve been something useful and complete in this log, right ?

what are your ideas ? how can i do further monitoring ? i don´t
believe there is anything wrong with the config files.

Benjamin Zeiss                            mailto:bz at zeiss.net

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