[icecast] Problem with ices on OpenBSD 2.9 w/ Icecast 1.3.10

Nick Ludlam nick at recoil.org
Tue Jul 10 02:21:23 UTC 2001

From: "Brendan Cully" <brendan at icecast.org>

> On Tuesday, 10 July 2001 at 01:26, Nick Ludlam wrote:
> > Not got to the bottom of it yet, but commenting out both LOG_INFO
> > lines in thread/thread.c stops it segfaulting. Now I'm back to the old problem
> > of a 128k stream not being sent fast enough to the clients.
> you should just be able to increase STACKSIZE in thread/thread.c from
> 8192 to 65536. The default stack size is too small, but linux/glibc
> always seem to give you much more than you ask for so it doesn't get
> noticed. This will be in 0.2.1 to be released shortly.

Ok, that makes sense now.

> That handles the segfault, I don't know why the stream wouldn't be
> sent fast enough though...

Tried with winamp, sonique and freeamp. All exhibit the same problem of
stuttering play, and eventually this drops out of the icecast log:

-> [10/Jul/2001:03:04:57] Kicking client 14 [] [Too many errors (client not receiving data fast enough)] [listener],
connected for 35 seconds, 257939 bytes transfered. 0 clients connected

and I know it's not bandwidth-based problems. This happens on a local
network as well as my ADSL, both of which are good enough to stream
at 12Kb/sec.

> Of course ices hasn't had a proper security audit. Please check with
> Theo de Raadt before running it. :)

I'm bound to incur his wrath :)   Luckily my flatmate is a ports maintainer
so he gets most of the shouting. Someone else seems to be maintaining
icecast in the ports collection, but ices isn't, yet. Is ices here to stay and
icecast moving to icecast2? If that's the case, it might be worth making
a port of ices to complete the set.


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