[icecast] question about icecast & winamp & media player

Todd Poston tposton1 at swbell.net
Wed Feb 28 17:46:23 UTC 2001

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From: "Thomas Vander Stichele" <thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be>

> However, when I listen with WinAmp, after about half an hour the stream
> stutters and stops.  I can restart it and listen again but it will stop
> again as well.  I don't think icecast is at fault here, but I wonder what
> WinAmp is doing wrong ?

Weird.. well, FWIW for debugging your prob..

I have been using icecast 1.3.7 (on NT4.0) with a Winamp (SHOUTcast) source
and a winamp client (both 2.64 and 2.72).  I've had the winamp client
connected to the stream for over 36 hours before and regularly listen for 8
hours at a time without any probs really.  There have been a couple
(literally) times where my winamp client just stopped for no reason (no
stutter tho) but the server was still streaming.

That sucks that you are having those probs.. it's gotta be very frustrating
Good luck in tracking down the prob.


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